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It doesn’t matter what your requirements are, all you have to do is contact us, because we’re delighted to work in such close partnership with you that you feel part of our team, as we dig deep to create just the right format for you. Alternatively, if getting into ‘creative mode’ isn’t your bag, simply give our ‘A-Team’ of designers a brief, allow them to disappear for a while, and we’ll guarantee that they’ll astonish you with terrific results, on their return.

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Creative Design

We realise that it’s not enough to produce stunning design work for our clients – the real cruncher is to ‘grab’ their customers and influence their actions!  This is our philosophy, when it comes to the creation of sophisticated, brand-building marketing, and the origination of dazzlingly – memorable advertisements –  it’s why we exist!.

Brand Identity - Logo Design

It’s much, much more than that. A brand is an idea, a perspective, point of view, a vehicle, an emblem, a standard; it’s behaviour, a method of functioning. Our designers fully comprehend this, and will work ‘hand-in-glove’ with you to create brand security, which vibrantly relates to – and rings honestly with – your designated audience.

Responsive Web Design

Progress knows no bounds, and every week sees a consistently-expanding number of customers using their smartphones and tablets, as well as computers, to research shopping-trips, days out and purchases. Thus, it’s absolutely VITAL for your business to possess a quality website. That’s where Lee Matthew Creative comes in, as we can create stylish websites which not only look good, but are also ultra-effective. Whatever your requirement – from a simple 1-3 pages for a small start-up, to a retail website, featuring its own, secure online payment-facility, we have the capacity to produce the goods.

High Quality Printing

Printing is still a complex craft even with the advanced technology available today. There are many elements for you to consider from paper quality and finish to unit pricing options, this can be confusing, so we offer all our customers the option to let us arrange this for them. We can advise you of what the best print options are for the work you need and can arrange for the work to be printed and delivered to your door if you wish.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Lee Matthew Creative’s potent, accountable email marketing system enables us to mount effective marketing campaigns by dispatching fully-bespoke, branded emails for clients, following this up by garnering valuable data about their success and click-through rates. 

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