Is Your Website Responsive

So how important is it to have a responsive website now a days. It’s all well and good to have an amazing looking website that looks great on desktops but if it doesn’t work on mobile and tablet devices you are losing a high percentage of customers straight away. Today, the majority of us will view websites on mobile phones or tablets. Generally at night when we are curled up on the sofa in front of the television, and only if we find it easy to navigate on our mobile and it looks good will we decide to contact you.

If people go onto your website and they don’t have a good viewing experience. If they can’t navigate your site with ease they are more than likely to go to a competitors website instead.

Responsive websites also improve your search rankings. Google does like a responsive website. No more separate URLs going to two completely different websites.

So now your site is just one site, instead of years ago when companies used to have a site designed completely different for the mobile device, but no more, all you need is just the one site which will give a higher R.O.I.

So no more pinching and zooming – make sure it’s responsive

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