The Difference Between Brand Design and Logo Design

So what is the difference between Logo design and branding – a lot of people do associate it with being the same thing but it is completely different. Your logo is just one of the elements that makes up your brand – your brand is so much more. Your brand is how your customers relate to your company the feelings they have and what they experience. Your logo design is just one of the elements that makes up your brand.

So for instance McDonalds logo is the ‘M’ mark but their brand is everything that comes from that – so the commercials, the celebrity endorsements, the way that they do their advertising, their website and also product photography.

A lot customers think that seeing a logo, and then having a connection makes it a good logo design. If this is the case then why when they have a rebrand design for their own company do they not have a positive connection – they then assume it’s a bad design? But why do they have a connection with McDonalds logo?

  • A person sees a logo
  • so if the logo is familiar to them then they will remember all the interactions they’ve had with this company – friends that purchase from here
  • they will then think yes I’m happy and know a lot of good things about this company and then decide to purchase

The visual element is triggering the brain to remember all the good interactions it has with this company

So let’s look at it from designing a new logo / brand or refreshing an existing company logo / brand

  • A customer sees their new logo design
  • they have no immediate feelings towards this logo
  • and because they have no feelings towards this logo, they think it’s a bad logo

which is not the case. A new business will have no previous feelings if it’s new business – so it’s always good to start with a blank canvas. The customer will be excited what we will come up with.

Rebranding a company or giving their logo / brand a refresh is a bit more difficult – if the owner has had the logo for years they have built a bond with their existing company image and will think the new design isn’t as good – but this isn’t the case, it is purely because a bond has been created with the previous brand – hopefully this will make you understand better why you are clinging to your old logo and struggling to upgrade to a new one

For instance – people remember when they had their first car, all the memories that relate to the car, so when the car is getting older and you are spending money to fix it and it just isn’t working for you anymore – it’s a struggle to change to a new one, but when you eventually do – you know it was the right choice – but you’ll still have your memories

So when we look at creating a logo we don’t just create a logo we are putting a brand together so we’ll look at

• Colours
• Fonts
• Your Target Audience
• Brand Guidelines

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