We Are Your On-Demand Design Team

We are your on-demand design team, we want to be your trusted partner. Our hourly rate is great for the smaller one-off projects, but if you are wanting to produce bigger projects each month to enhance and grow your business. A retainer for our design services is the perfect solution.

What Are The Benefits?

It’s convenient
You can just pick up the phone to discuss or email us your design brief and we will get started on this straight away. Also signing up to one of our retainer packages, you will receive our hourly rate at a reduced rate.

As you are on one of our retainer packages – you are a priority to us

Keeping all your creative work with one company keeps all consistency with your company image. Making your image consistent makes your brand stronger, everything that we produce will keep the same feel so you are instantly recognisable

No employment
Another benefit, with having us to hand we will be there when you need us and you won’t have the hassle or overheads of employing and in-house designer

Working with us and not employing an in-house designer:

  • No full-time salary
  • No Workspace, computer
  • No Holiday, sick pay
  • No Benefits to pay

And also, the benefit, if you don’t have much design work required for 1 month your hours can be rolled over to the next month*

Employing a full-time designer in house can have strain on your cash flow – especially if you don’t have work for them to create in a month

The Perfect Package
You may need us for a few hours a month, a week or even more – whatever you need us for we can create the perfect package for you and your business

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