Your Logo Is Your Company Identity

Having a good looking logo won’t determine if your business works or doesn’t work. There is so many other factors to consider to make your business work. Every company will have its own image and style of what they want their business to look like with the images and style that they use, but what impression does your idea of your image have on your customers and potential customers. Having an idea, doesn’t make it the right idea.

So to get the right image for your business and for you, we’ll sit down with you and look at fonts, colours, styles and your target audience so we can put together the perfect look

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Key Factors To Consider When Creating Your Logo

Can your logo be described?
A good logo is always easy for people to describe. Take a look at some of the big brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, McDonalds etc. All of these logos stand out and memorable. People need to beable to talk about your logo easily and to describe what services you offer

Does it suit your target audience?
Your logo needs to suit the audience that you are aiming your product at. If you aiming at a certain type of customer your logo needs to portray this in it’s image and style. Easy Jet have developed a brand that aims at offering cheaper flights which works well with the colours and font that they have used.

Is it unique?
Is your logo unique to you and your business? Don’t copy other people’s style. Your logo needs to be unique to show people that you are serious and that your business stands out above your competitors.

Does your logo work across all different media?
Always make sure your logo works on all different media. You need to think if the style will work on your website, if it does will it also work on your printed material. You may need to do a black and white version, but if you change it to black and white it still needs to have the same impact with out losing any detail

Does it suit your purpose?
When designing your logo, you need decide what you want it to do from the beginning. Take a look at Nike, McDonalds. They use the swoosh and golden arches as a symbol that makes them recognisable without the text.

Colour and Font
You have ideas of the colours and font that you like, but you need to think if these are giving the right impression to people.

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