Creating A Business Card

Ok, so any business will use business cards – they are here to stay. When creating a business card they need to give the right impression of your company image – brand and general feel of your business to a potential customer. If you don’t hand out business cards, you are missing out on potential business opportunities. People expect everyone to have business cards. We still like to see the quality of the card, the design – if gives the potential customer a reason to not only to keep hold of your business card but if it’s a quality feel and a beautiful looking business card, remember it needs to represent your business, so make it stand out.

Top Tips to design your business card

  • Always keep all text at least 5mm in from the edge of the card
  • Work at 300dpi
  • Always maintain a minimum type size for legibility
  • Design in CMYK and not RGB
  • If your Images go to the edge of the page always supply files with bleed
  • and if you are supplying print ready artwork, supply with crop marks

Generally there is also standard sizes for businesses cards depending on country – a standard size we use is 85mm x 55mm

Always include the vital information, name, contact details, address, telephone number, email address and website. Although you have a small area to play with – be creative it needs to represent your company in the best light, it’s the first thing people see relating to your business when they first meet you.

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