Rebranding your business for 2019

Rebranding your business or even if you are a new business looking for a brand creating, Lee Matthew Creative certainly can help you with this.

2019 is a new year so why not let us work with you to design a new logo or updating of your existing logo or if you are a new business we can create a logo for your new business for the new year.

It’s so important to have a quality logo created for your business. A quality logo shows customers and potential customers that you are serious about your business and if your logo and brand shows quality, people know they are going to get a quality product from the service you offer. Every business will and should rebrand at some point purely to show that your business is moving forward with continual growth and that you aren’t just going to disappear.

But please do not get a logo design confused with branding. Your logo is just one of the elements that creates your brand. Your brand is the feeling people have when they see your logo. The marketing that also you do for your business, such as leaflets, brochures, video, website. The key is to make sure on whichever platform you promote your business that all the design work is all consistent so it makes you recognisable. The last thing you want to do is look different throughout, you don’t want to confuse people.

What we do when helping your business with creating a logo –

We sit down with you to go through different ideas, fonts, styles that you like and don’t like, colours and what the colours best represent you, we also look at your target audience. We will not start on the design until we have brief together so we can design the perfect logo for you and your business

If you are looking at updating your logo design, or your marketing material, speak to us today at or call us on 01782 765671

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